Services for independent authors

The authors are the main focus of our attention. They are the ones that put up the time and sweat to write books and stories. That’s why they are always welcomed by Revista Letrare and RL Books. If your manuscript is ready for editing, critique, and proofreading, please submit a request and one of our editors will contact you back. We will offer a free editing sample from your manuscript, giving you a crystal-clear understanding of what the editor will do to improve your work before paying for the actual service.

The free sample edit is for up to 1500 words from your actual manuscript (please only submit if you have a serious intention to use the service). We do this to give authors peace of mind as to the quality and value of the full edit. We guarantee thorough editing of your book, including detailed comments regarding all aspects of editing and proofreading work.

Contact us via email, the contact form on this site or call us to discuss your project. Our editors are the best in today’s Albanian publishing. They will make your book stand out from the crowd.


Three levels of service:


Our Proofreading Service is our most basic and is included in each of the other services. Your manuscript will be checked for spelling, grammar, punctuation, logical consistency, and syntax errors. It will result in a clear and well-polished manuscript. This service is ideal for confident writers who just want to give their work that extra edge that can make all the difference.

Content Editing

The Content Editing Service is the most popular for fiction and non-fiction books. It includes all the benefits of proofreading enhanced with editorial comments and suggestions for improving the syntax, structure and content. This is a service for mid-development manuscripts, for both, fiction and non-fiction.

Premium Editing

The Premium Editing Service brings all the benefits of Content Editing but also includes substantive rewrites and highly detailed plot and character suggestions. This is for someone looking for more of a collaborative project. Once the initial edit/rewrite has taken place (during which the editor will communicate with the author), the author can review the manuscript, making changes at their discretion, and then resubmit for a final proofread as part of the service.